About Us

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Leading IT Provider of technology solutions from hardware products, software, and consultation services

Enter Computers is a leading IT provider of technology solutions including hardware products, software, services and consulting in most industries including small, medium, enterprise and public sector organizations throughout the US and Canada and beyond. Our comprehensive expertise and proven experience in emerging, advanced and legacy technologies stands out in a crowded market. We leverage our vast array of certified personnel, valuable partnerships, mature process and scale to achieve our clients IT objectives and position them for future success. Our business IT strategists, market specialists and technical engineers are trained to listen to learn from and enable our customers’ success.

Enter Computers offers exceptional procurement and logistics for a broad range of IT products. We provide consulting and implementation services delivered through our service engineers. With Enter Computers you have a rich array of managed, professional and operational services to lower your organization’s operating costs, increase business agility, improve overall efficiency, and help you succeed in today’s global economy.

Not sure what item to purchase? Do not hesitate to e-mail us by clicking the “Contact us” link. You can also give us a call at our toll free number: (888) 50-ENTER. Our knowledgeable staff is waiting to assist you!